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Posted by PHohmann on June 23, 2014 at 7:35 PM

I retired in August, 2013.   I then worked part-time for Prince William County Parks and Recreation, teaching the Science in the Park Program to elementary school classes.  On weekends I taught adults how to kayak and stand up paddleboard.  I also directed paddling camps for children during the summer. 

Before retiring, I was a full-time pastor for Mechanicsville Christian Center near Richmond, VA.   There I was a children's pastor and had responsibility for about 300 children. During my years as a children's pastor, I was also a writer, speaker, and author regarding children's issues and two of my books were published.

Before becoming a children's pastor, I was a high school teacher in public schools and I taught most of the Sciences. I received my undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech, and I also earned a Master of Counseling degree and a Master of Education degree, both from Arizona State University.

My wife, Katie, retired in 2019.  She was a professor and academic director for University of Valley Forge, Virginia Campus.  She earned her doctorate at Union Theological Seminary. We sometimes canoe together in our Wennonah Minnesota II canoe.  My daughter is married and lives near Chicago.

I enjoy tidal whitewater with my kayak and SUP and for 8 summers I paddled the Bay of Funday near Eastport, Maine. The tidal difference in the area is 25'. I have also been an alpine mountaineer. Some of the peaks I have climbed in the last 12 years include Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rainier, Everest Base Camp, and peaks such as Long's Peak in Colorado. I have also ice climbed glaceirs in Alaska.  I have walked the Camino de Sanitago 500 miles across Spain, the Coast to Coast trail across England, and the Tour du Mont Blanc through France, Switzerland, and Italy.

Currently we are living in Cape Coral, Florida.  I started Calusa Sea Kayakers in January, 2021, and I also help lead Fort Meyers Area Kayaking Group and Southwest Florida Kayakers.

I also enjoy longer kayak expeditions.  Some of my trips include:

    Paddling from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC (350 miles)

    Paddling the length of the Chesapeake Bay (300 miles)

    Padding from Key Largo to Key West (130 miles)

    Paddling across the Florida Everglades (125 miles)

    Paddling the Calusa Blueway in Florida (85 miles)

    Paddling the Douro River in Portugal (130 miles)

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